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The Budget Diaries: Interview with Eish Student Budget

Welcome to my newest series! The Budget Diaries pays homage to some of my favorite blog post series, the Money Diaries of Refinery29 and Cosmopolitan Magazine. In this series, I’ll be interviewing fellow bloggers about their budgeting habits, giving us a small peek into their financial lives.

Our first guest will be Eish of Eish Student Budget, a blog for university students interested in learning about personal finance. Without further ado, here we go!

The Best Budgeting Apps On Your iPhone in 2018

I love budgeting apps. I simply can’t emphasize that enough.

In fact, I’ve been using budget tracker apps for more than 5 years now. I started using one when I was in college and it was such a huge help to me that I never stopped using them. Because of my budget tracker app, I know exactly where I’m spending my money on, how much I’m spending, and when I spend the most (usually around the holidays, weekends, or celebrations).

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The Best Way To Start A Blog Right Now

I’ve been in love with words for as long as I can remember.

Ever since I was young, I’ve always enjoyed writing. Writing gives me a kind of peace and joy that I can’t find anywhere else. I can seriously just write for hours on end, without caring about what’s happening to the world around me.

Being a blogger wasn’t really my dream when I was a child. Being a writer was.


Should You Get A Credit Card Or Not?

When I was 19 years old, I worked for a few months for a small company in the business sector.

One day, one of my co-workers came up to me and offered me a credit card application form. She walked me through all the steps, telling me how easy it was to “get approved” by the bank. She said even a minimum-wage earner could get approved by this bank, so I would certainly get in, too. I skimmed the brochure she gave me, thanked her, and politely declined. I then watched her go to another co-worker, repeat the same spiel, and actually get that other woman to sign up.


How Much Money Should You Save Each Month?

How much money should you save each month?

This question always comes up when it comes to asking about personal finance. Many people want to know how much money they should be saving each month. And it makes a lot of sense. In order to be able to save money, one should have a plan, and knowing what numbers should be in that plan is important.

But the thing is, it’s impossible to give a quick answer to how much money you should save each month.

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5 Legitimate Ways To Earn Money From Home

Do you want to earn money from home?

I’m pretty sure the answer is yes.

The thing is, for many people, their full-time job (or jobs, with this current market we have) usually acts as their only source of income. In fact, for years, my parents only relied on the income from their day jobs to afford our family’s bills and daily needs. Fortunately, they realized that doing that would mean they’d have to continue working until they get old enough to retire.