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Welcome to my personal finance blog.  I’m Ai, a freelance writer, blogger, small business owner, stock investor, and full-time fur momma to two darling puppies.

Most importantly, I am a personal finance enthusiast.

Starting young with personal finance

As a child, I was very curious about the world around me.

I wanted to learn about anything and everything. What my eyes could see, I questioned. My hunger for knowledge and experience didn’t stop with just mere hunger. Rather, I sought to satiate it like a predator patiently watches its prey.

Like any other child out there, I experimented a lot with different games and toys, trying to see what fit me best.

Unsurprisingly, one of my favorite pastimes was playing pretend games, and I always loved being a pretend businesswoman. I would happily buy and sell ‘goods’ (basically toy versions of products) with my playmates, imagining that the play money I was holding in my hands was real.

My mini cash register had become one of my prized possessions. Money was always something that I had been very fascinated with.

When I got older, I began to sell different things to the other kids in my neighborhood.

I sold my old toys, clothes, whatever I could get my hands on in my room that I could still find value in. I used the money to buy food or new toys and clothes for myself. The latter, I would sell back again once I was already done with them. I learned to take care of my things well because I always had their resell value in mind!

My parents always said that I was a resourceful kid, but even I never thought that I could get to that level.

Discovering my passions

welcome to thewisebudget a personal finance blogIt was in primary school that I first discovered my passion for writing.

I began writing more and more during my free time, first on journals and diaries, and eventually moving on to join writing competitions in school. I even joined my school’s very own publication, which further fueled my passion for the written word.

Thankfully, my parents encouraged me to pursue this hobby (but just as a hobby!). And so, it continued on until my high school and college years.

I took dozens upon dozens of freelancing gigs as a college student, finally earning my bachelor’s degree with the help of the hundreds and thousands of dollars afforded to me by all my side projects.

Journey to financial freedom

Now, as a full-grown adult living the daily grind in the modern working world, my quest for financial freedom has only just begun.

Here’s to getting away from that hectic 9-5 schedule that leaves your soul sucked dry.

Here’s to putting a stop to the daily commute, hardships, and worries that affect most working adults.

Here’s to breaking free from your financial woes and to finally living the life that you’ve always dreamed of.

I’m hoping that we can do it together.

Join me and let’s embark on my journey to financial independence, the wise way!

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