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For today’s guest post, we’ve got  Sam Radbil, lead writer of ABODO Apartments, an online real estate relocation marketplace. Read on for tips on how you can save money on rent and bills at home!

It seems like every article you read about saving money will first tell you to quit going to Starbucks.

Let’s see, $4.00 per day saved five days per week times 52 days per year is over $1000. If you can do that for 20 years at a compounded rate of 3 percent, you’ll have over $28,000 in the year 2039!

OK, we can’t deny the math, but giving up fancy coffee isn’t the only way to save cash on your bills at home. And if you’re looking for ways to save for a new contract for deed home or a traditional purchase, let’s find out how you can save more money.

Dine Out More Often

If that sounds counterintuitive, it’s supposed to, but look at the real numbers. If you don’t mind looking around for dollar menus and specials, you can eat a take-out lunch very cheaply.

Instead of buying a bubbly drink at the restaurant, however, bring your own beverage to work. The same soda that would cost you $1.79 at many fast-food eateries can be bought at the grocery store for only 30 cents.

Thinking About a Pet?

As Bob Dylan said, “Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright,” and it will be if you don’t have pet upkeep expenses. Food, vet visits, extra cleaning and higher security deposits all come with pet ownership. If you want to save some significant dollars, put off getting a pet.

If you already have one, carefully do research before you start buying expensive gourmet and organic meals for your doggy.

Cars Are for Transportation

Look at autos as a way to merely get from here to there.

Now we’re not telling you to buy a beater car that’s going to continuously need high-cost repairs, but we do advise clients to buy or lease a new but inexpensive car.

If you lease a car for three years at $199 per month, your warranty will cover almost all repairs, and your cost of driving will be your payment, gas, and insurance.

That’s quite a reasonable cost, and frankly, low-end vehicle prices have been attractive for years as higher-end model costs have increased significantly.

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Get Smart

Every time you leave the thermostat set at 70 while you are work you are donating to the utility company. If you live in an affordable city like Eugene, Oregon, your home or apartment will do just fine at 60 degrees in the winter and 80 degrees in the summer during the hours that you are not there, and a smart thermostat can help you make sure that happens.

You can use similarly use an LED smart app to ensure that your lights will be turned off during the day. Every time you leave them on because you had to leave your home in a hurry, you make the utility companies happy.

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Do Your Own Lawn

You can buy a new gas lawn mower for only $150, and the new models are really fuel efficient.

Even if you only pay the lawn person $25 twice a month for grass cutting services, if you switch to DYI, you’ll be cash flow positive regarding lawn maintenance in only three months.

The best way to begin to save cash is to analyze every purchase, ask yourself if you really need the item and make an informed decision.

Then, if you can track your savings, put all of the newly found cash in a separate account and you will be even more motivated to save as you see your savings grow.

Thank you so much for sharing your professional insights, Sam! Those are pretty good–if not a little controversial–tips, that’s for sure!

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